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Activated Carbon Filter

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Activated Carbon Filters are used for purification of soluted gas, wastes and organic materials that give undesirable chlorine, color, taste and smell to water. AC is like coal but a material with very wide surface area (1000-1500 cubic meter / gr). Productivity of AC filter are determined by features of AC used at filter media and correct choose of filtration speed of water. In AC Systems, beside filtration mechanism, adsorption mechanism process during purification


of water. For this reason AC Filters are systems doing physco-chemical purification. AC Filters operate completely automatic without interference of human. AC Filters renew itself by doing daily 15-20 minutes of automatic back-wash. Another important subject that must be paid attention about AC is, mineral media can form suitable environment for bacteria production because active carbon collects organic material inside its structure and if there is bacteria at water, bacteria can use this organic material as food and reproduce. At such situations, bacteria leakage is possible. For this reason, disinfection of water is important before and after of AC.