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Bright ideas, strict solution.

Thermonox, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and pet food sectors, providing solutions in thermoformed plastic-coated packaging.
Great experience, innovative ideas, and close contact with our customers, us, bringing excellence in the design of our machine. Our unique technology, safe production, quality and high efficiency is essential.
Thermonox machines since 2007 has been producing glass filling machines.
In terms of technological sector with experience in this field has become a premier location.
Owns several patents and innovations.
Thermonox machine glass of water and fruit juice lines produces capacity of   7500 cups/h up to 25000 cups/h .

Thermoforming machines:

Require delicate care, long shelf life, package resistance is essential to demonstrate due diligence in the processing of materials and content we want to achieve high products. This is for the production of special products "BSE" products are renowned for special technical solutions.An important experience you need to take advantage! Fast, flexible and economical: these listed criteria decision while purchasing a machine plays a major role in our decision making. Our vast experience has continually expanding our knowledge lArImIzdIrlAr most important source for our solutions can produce according to the demands of our customers.

Creativity "organizations have reason!" Can design our machines, we take into account the demands of the market producing course. Modern technology and to use our knowledge to realize it may not always enough. Besides being in front of our most important virtues that we bringing to the forefront of our creativity opponent has brought us a step up to these days. To achieve this, engineers and technicians to continuously measure the creativity was our priority when selecting our first .Creative mUşUzdUr thanks to our team came to demand a firm position in the international arena make economical and useful inventions. This has us always settle with a feature that refreshes itself constantly updated product portfolio.

Secure Solutions
Our success in our international arena is an indicator of how our technology is considered. BSE begin work now resume with increased faith still sees a short time from 1999 to today is the main sebebib being an internationally recognized brand. These beliefs have become a trusted brand and our machines are referred to as reliable systems.Advanced forming, filling and cutting technology, we can provide you with our more economical and efficient systems. This allows you to make you faster and cost-effective production.

A wide variety of packaging options model, Provide reliable bonding and cutting edge technologies, Servo motor sensitivity, Full filling undemanding, the Compact and creative design, Speeds up to 24 strokes min, Complete line systems.


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