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Reverse Osmosis is a membrane process that can separate undesirable minerals from water where classical purification methods are insufficient. It can be used on sea water, well water with high conductivity and can produce water of high purity. The principle of operation of reverse osmosis is to pass the water over a special membrane under pressure.  Water itself can pass through the membrane as pure water (permeate) but most of the inorganic molecules cannot and are flushed to drain with a percentage of the water (concentrate).  The membrane surface is kept clean by the rapid flow of water across it (cross flow filtration). This system of cross flow membrane filtration means that the process operates on a continuous basis without the need for frequent cleaning. As a result of the advanced technology, our Reverse Osmosis equipment will supply high quality water at the design flow rate offering you a professional purification system. Reverse Osmosis Systems have a variety of home based and industrial use.  Dosing pumps, analysis equipment and other items can be supplied and integrated into the control system depending on the application and the water to be treated.  Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed according to the membrane manufacturers simulation programs.  In order to calculate the number and type of membranes,  the applied pressure and the recovery rate we will need to have a comprehensive water analysis.