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Singel Softener

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Single Water Softening process is materialized by ion changing method. Ion change is materialized by passing water with Ca and Mg that causes hardening through Na form cationic resin. While firm water pass through sodium based cationic resin, hardening ions inside (Ca + 2 and Mg+2) change place with Na tied to resin. After certain amount of firm water pass through resin media, resin particles are completely covered with hardening minerals. At this case, joining of hardness minerals end. To be able to remain at water hardness ions, resin particles must be rid of from hardness minerals, again sodium particles must be tied. This process is called Regeneration. Regeneration process consist of 5 main steps that are back-wash, salt water absorption, slow rinsing, fast rinsing and salty water filling. As a result of conclusion of 5 steps, while resin, calcium (Ca2+) and Magnesium (Mg2+) leaves their ions, sodium (Na+) again combines ions to itself and be ready to service position. When design of SWS Units is made, resin Quantity is calculated according to raw water characteristic, average daily flow and peak flow consumption.Beside this, regeneration process can be made time control, flow control or with hardness analyzer and in connection with measuring of hardness degree of pure water, regeneration process can be made with automation.