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Multi Media Filters are used for purpose of removing suspended solid, cloudiness and other particles. System is consisting of settling different degree of gravel sizes with more than one layer inside the body.

Second duty of Multi Media Filters beside removing solid items from water is to protect the equipment that will be located from itself. At system where filtration is made good, as load that will go to other purification filters will be minimized, life-span of equipments will be prolonged and productivity will be increased.

 Multi Media Filters are used as pre-treatment at purification of process water and drinking water or getting rid of cloudiness of purified water that has drained from waste water purification system.

 Multi Media Filters present the most suitable solution that will meet your filtration need for various capacity and speed. They work at optimum time with administration comfort and service support. Parameters that effect productivity of Multi Media Filters; Quality and Quantity of filter body is good and good choice of surface speed. Good velocity at Multi Media Filters are under 15-20 micron.

 Particles that strain and remain at filter media at service period are discharged during back-wash period so that filter equipment is cleaned and media is renewed.




Iron and Manganese  Filters can decrease iron and mangan amount that is up to 5 ppm in water into drinking and usage water standards (Fe = 0,2 ppm — Mn = 0,05 ppm) by means of special minerals. For these special minerals, there is no need for extra regent equipment. Beside this, these filters move hydrogen sulphate, metan, free carbon dioxide available at water and organic wastes at high concentration. As human health is taken into consideration primarily at Aqualine Filtration Systems, minerals used at our systems adjust with World Food Norms.