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PET Folio



PET Folio which is new generation product of packing world is rapidly advancing on being indispensible product of food sector.

Many food product packaging like butter, honey, jam, chocolate, separator packing is made of PET Folio



Water glasses highly consumed in water sector are produced from PET Folio.


Thermoform products, many products like cylindrical and square boxes, metalized chocolate separators, textile packages      are currently produced from PET Folio

Dairy Products, Cream Cheese, Margarine, Jam Foil

  •  Heat sealable (PP, PVC, PS, APET, ABS)
  •  Easy peel
  •  Heat sealing at low temperature 
  • Rotogravure printing (up to 10 colors)

  • High oil penetration resistance
  •  Easily foldable
  •  With/without embossing (various patterns)
  • Rotogravure printing (up to 10 colors)

  •  Cut-to-size lids (various shapes)
  •  High oil penetration resistance With / without embossing (various patterns)
  • Rotogravure printing (up to 10 colors)

  • Heat sealing at low temperature With/without embossing (various patterns)
  • Label cut
  • Rotogravure printing (up to 10 colors)


      These chemicals which are called plasticisers, used during break in of PVC, caoutchouc, and other thermoplastic equipment, catalyze flows and arrange the flow mechanics. We uses own resin in preform plant which is produced with state of the art. Pet resin includes very low Aset Aldehit (AA) by means of new technology. Low level of Aset aldehit (AA) in preform is the most important factor to determine the quality of bottled water. Preforms of Meltem Kimya by using always same kind of raw material and also this material have low Aset Aldehit (AA), enhance the quality and make difference against competitors.


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