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The Minikits are developed for fast testing, mainly based on titrimetric methods.

  • Easy operation and exact reagent dosing






    Tablet count method

    A specific number of tablets is added to a known volume of sample until a chemically induced colour change takes place. The number of tablets used is applied to a simple formula to calculate the test result. The measuring range may be expanded by varying the sample volume.

    Speed test

    The speed test is based on reverse titration. After adding a reagent tablet to a calibrated test tube, the water sample is added slowly until the colour of the solution changes (e.g. from red to blue). The user can then obtain the result from the liquid level.

    Yes/No test

    A Yes/No test tells the user whether a specific ingredient is present in the water and/or if its concentration is higher or lower than a defined level.

    Turbidity method

    A two-section calibrated test tube is filled with the water sample and a reagent tablet added. The reagent creates a level of turbidity that is proportional to the concentration of the parameter being measured. The inner tube, which has a black dot on its base, is lowered until the dot is obscured by the turbidity. The result is read off from the water level in the inner tube.

    Delivey content:Each kit contains sufficient tablet reagents for an average of 30 to 50 tests, sample container and a multilingual instruction manual.

     Reagents for water testing and marketing

    Different forms of reagents are required for different fields of application. It is fair to say that, in terms of quality, tablet reagents are the best form of reagent. Thanks to production techniques of the type used in the pharmaceutical industry and stringent internal quality standards, Tintometer Group is able to produce tablet reagents for water testing with a guaranteed shelf life of 5 or 10 years. These tablets are individually sealed in high-grade, polyethylene-coated aluminium foil and represent the reagent form of choice for everyday water testing applications. Users in different countries traditionally prefer forms of reagent other than tablets. Lovibond® powder reagents are designed to allow fast and easy testing. Powder reagents are packed in aluminium foil for a wide range of applications and represent an alternative reagent form recently introduced by Tintometer Group.

    Specifications and Certificate of Analysis

    To express the high quality standard of Lovibond tablet reagents, specifications for each type of tablet as well as a “Certificate of Analysis” for each lot are available in the download area.

    Material Safety Data Sheets

    For the user, there are safety data sheets to download as a PDF file.

    Vario Powder Packs

    The fast and easy use of VARIO Powder Packs has made them extremely popular for water testing applications in many countries throughout the world. The Lovibond Powder Pack programme provides more experienced users with a real alternative to existing measurement systems. The Vario Powder Packs are produced to the same high quality standards that have made Tintometer Group’s tablet reagents so successful for several decades. Parameters from aluminium and chlorine through to sulphate are just some of the well-known tests that are included in the VARIO Powder Pack range. Their chemical properties are also suitable for use with Hach Photometer Systems.

    All reagents are the same, right? Not so!

    The quality of reagent system is fundamental to an accurate and successful analysis
    Our aluminium foil blister packaging brings added convenience to the tradition of protection achieved in Lovibonds long established tablet production technology.

    With the new blister strip, the user just pushes the tablet through the protective foil, straight into the sample. Simple, time-saving and practical.

    This type of packaging, long established in pharmaceutical applications, combines all the advantages of protective foil, with convenience for the user.

    Each tablet is contained within an individually formed foil cup, lined with the latest aluminium composite material, and guaranteeing product performance.
    As a result of improved sealing efficiency, the blister pack has been reduced in size to 91 x 34mm making them even more convenient for storage and shipping.

    100 pack box 38 x 38 x 99mm
    250 pack box 38 x 76 x 99mm
    500 pack box 76 x 90 x 99mm

    Part numbers of the reagents remain the same, but ‘BT’ is added to the end of the code to identify the new style of packaging. (For example – 511060BT). Lovibond has built its reputation on quality and dependability, providing water analysis products for more than 30 years.

    Our test tablets are manufactured in Germany under tightly controlled conditions on the latest machinery. Maintaining the highest quality standards permits Tintometer GmbH to guarantee our reagent tablets for a minimum of 5 years, and some for as long as 10 years.

    We can make this promise because each tablet is hermetically sealed within an individual aluminium foil pocket, protecting against challenging environmental conditions. This packaging keeps each tablet in perfect condition, right up until the time it is needed by the user.

    Test tablets remain the most consistent and reliable reagent format available, consistently outperforming other reagent formats, and delivering maximum accuracy for the user. Now we have improved even further on this highly successful format. To the tight quality control processes, integral to Lovibond’s tablet manufacture, and the simple test procedures, we have added new blister packaging. available for all reagents.

    DPD Reagents

    DPD reagents are offered by different manufacturers. For quality reasons, users should validate the products prior to use. DPD reagents are produced on the basis of international standard methods, e.g. ISO 7393/2. The chemicals are of crystalline white nature. If a reagent (tablets or powder) is not white but has turned to grey/brownish or purple colours, it has deteriorated. DPD liquid reagents which should be colourless when fresh, may turn into brownish colour if the reagent has deteriorated. The use of such degraded products must be avoided as they will give false results.

    Liquid reagents


    As a rule, reagent solutions do not consist of a single preparation but comprise several components that need to be added to the sample in a certain order. As both the size and the number of drops have a decisive effect on the resultant colour complex, the reagents need to be added with a high degree of precision. The useful life of liquid reagents is reduced by temporary contact with oxygen in the air when the bottle is opened as well as by unsuitable storage environments (presence of sunlight or high temperatures). Provided that the bottles are stored within the temperature range +6°C and +10°C, Lovibond DPD and Phenol Red solutions can be used for a period of one year from the date of production.


  • Measurement accuracy
  • Unrestricted shipment and safe storage
  • Foil-wrapped Lovibond tablet reagents with a minimum guaranteed shelf life of 5 years