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Minimized energy consumption with INVERSYS technology...

DALGAKIRAN Compressor presents the INVERSYS series variable speed screw compressors driven by the frequency inverter to reduce energy consumption.u.

Standart air compressors are designed to operate at full capacity continuously. This is true in the theory. Depending on application the need for compressed air varies significantly. Research has shown that on avarage only 50-70 % of maximum capacity is utilized. This means that standart compressors operate ‘load-unload’ many times and thus result in unnecessary energy consumption.

DALGAKIRAN INVERSYS models within the frequency converter screw compressor series giving you the advantage of reduce the energy costs up to 35 %. Most production processes show a different compressed air demand profile, with fluctuations in air demand according to the hour of the day or day of the week. Compressors with a traditional regulation system can not precisely follow these varying demand conditions. The integrated frequency inverter of the DALGAKIRAN INVERSYS series screw compressor will vary the speed of the compressor to closely follow the air demand, thereby saving enough energy to payback the additional investment in possibly one to two years depending on the energy tariffs and air consumptions. Reducing power consumption by installing an INVERSYS series compressor results in a life cycle cost saving of 15 to 25%..