Dent system RFM 32Ex - Transponder reader for Ex zone 2

Identification is also an issue in Ex applications. Systems often have a mixed design, i.e. some sections are subject to explosion hazards, others are not. Available especially for surface-treatment applications (immersion baths, varnishing machines, drying etc.) as an extension of our RFID devices for Ex Zone 2 (ATEX) is the RFM 32 SL 200 Exn device with long cable (10m). The function scope corresponds to that of the "standard device" RFM 32 SL 200 (operating range up to max. 110mm). Depending on the application, several other transponders with ATEX approval (Zone 2) are available for selection in addition to our standard selection of transponders.

Eries 96 EX n in explosion-protected design

The sensors of the 96 series were specially developed for device category 3, Ex zones 2 and 22.All function principles, such as throughbeam photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors and diffuse reflection light scanners, are available in the series. To meet the stricter standards requirements of EN 60079-15:2005 and EN 61241-1:2004 with respect to impact resistance, the devices of the 96 series have also been equipped with an additional protective housing made of metal.

The 46B Ex n Series

The sensors of the 46B series comply with category 3 and have been developed especially for zone 2 ("Gas-Ex") in protection type nA according to EN 60079-15:2005 and for zone 22 ("Dust-Ex") in protection type td according to EN 61241-1:2004. They may be used with conducting and non-conducting dust. The sensors are accommodated inside a metal casing for protection against mechanical damage. This ensures that even the highest knocking test demands up to 7 joules are safely complied with. The product spectrum encompasses all known operating principles such as throughbeam photoelectric sensor, retro-reflective photoelectric sensor or scanner with or without background suppression.

Throughbeam photoelectric sensor ILS 50 in flameproof enclosure

This comes in an M42 circular housing, and was designed specifically for use in ‘Ex’ zones 1 and 21. Its manufacture incorporates a flameproof enclosure, so it can also be used in areas where potentially explosive dust is found. With the integrated testing facility of the transmitter and the built-in monitoring for dirt accretion, the status of the light barriers can be checked at any time. The range of the sensors comes to 200 m.